Main Features:

-TV System: NTSC/PAL
-Number of pixel: 510 x 492 (250k)
-Definition: 420 TV Lines
-Scan Frequency: 60Hz
-Minimum Illumination: 0 LUX - Infrared
Night Vision
-Viewing angle: 30 ~ 40 degrees
-Standard RCA video output
-Inside Mount: fits into most vehicle
key holes
-Water resistant
-Hard metal casing
-Manufacture pre-set mirror image feature
-Displays a reversed camera image on the monitor to duplicate the normal view seen
in a rear-view mirror
-Full Motion Real Time Color Video
without delay
-Operating Voltage: DC 8-12-Volt.
- Power current: MAX 50mA
-Dimensions: 1.25 inch x 2 inch
(D x L) (31.75mm x 5.08mm) Weight: 75g

Model: CAM-07
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